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Surplus Scaffold Sales, Inc. specializes in high-quality new and used scaffolding. All products meet or exceed OSHA and ANSI requirements for scaffold safety standards.

We offer the highest quality products at significantly lower prices and our lease purchase programs are structured to fit your specific business needs offering a wide range of flexible payment plans.
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SSS, Inc. maintains a large inventory of the most popular scaffold sizes and all are quality-made. We offer reliable service and delivery from coast to coast.

We are constantly updating our inventory of scaffolding to meet changing technological and construction needs.
Do We Deliver?

Since 1978, the founder of Surplus Scaffold Sales has been involved in the stucco and plastering contracting business.

During these years, his company became one of the largest plastering contractors in the southeastern United States. In the mid 1980s he began to manufacture scaffolding and eventually became involved in importing scaffolding from overseas.

He has started selling his scaffolding inventory utilized in the plastering business as well as to broker deals for used scaffolding and construction equipment.

SSS, Inc. offers a large selection of popular masonry supplies.

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Surplus Scaffold Sales online catalog

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Scaffold Frames 3x6-8 Walk Thru Snap On   Scaffold Frames 42x6-4 Walk Thru   Scaffold Frames 5x4 Single Ladder   Scaffold Frames 5x5 Single Ladder   Scaffold Frames 5x6-4 Single Ladder Scaffold Frames 5x6-4 Walk Thru   Scaffold Frames 5x6-7 Walk Thru   Scaffold Frames 5 x 6-8 Walk Thru    Scaffold Lease Purchase Program

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Side Brackets  Punched Hole Cross Brace       Snap On Cross Brace

 Boards & Planks     (Touch image for description)

All Aluminum Walkboard Aluminum with Plywood Deck Walkboard Scaffold Plank OSHA Approved Scaffold Plank

 Base Plates     (Touch image for description)

Galvanized Base Plate Base Plate with Screw Jack Screw Jack with Socket Extension Base Plates

 Supplies / Accessories     (Touch image for description)

Stacking Pin 1 inch Collar Stacking Pin 1/8 inch Collar Spring Clip Hinge Pin Roll Pins

 Specials     (Touch image for description)

     Scaffold Ladder     Starter Brackets     Scaffold Ladder with Starter Brackets     Guard Rail Posts     Caster

 New / Used Equipment     (Touch image for description)

     Scaffold Frames 5x5      Scaffold Frames 5x6-4      Scaffold Frames 3x6-8 with Tension Pin Attachment      Double Punched Hole Brace

     Green Foldouts      Scaffold Frames 5x5 with Screw Jacks Base Plates      Snap On Braces      Snap On Brace with Scaffold Frame

     Scaffold Frames 5x5 used      Scaffold Frames 5x6-7 Walk Thru used      Scaffold Frames 3x6-8 Walk Thru used      Guard Rail Posts used

Masonry Supplies

    Surplus Scaffold Sales Masonry Supplies

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